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    We skillfully combine high-quality cuisine with extravagant entertainment. In our restaurant you can not only eat well, but also learn how to dance. Professional dancers will help you master the incendiary reggaeton, frank bachata or romantic salsa. Latin American dances fulfill people with solar energy and cheer everyone up, and our courteous staff will guarantee you an ideal evening.



    Casa Agave is one of the best Latin American restaurants in Moscow. For many years, it has been extremely popular among fans of Latin American cuisine and incendiary parties! Everyone who has ever been here will agree that it is true. Any evening can become a holiday in the cozy atmosphere of our VIP room.
    Our closed VIP room is provided not only for private events, but also for important meetings and can be called a true “pearl” of this restaurant.

    VIP-room service (the deposit payment is 30,000 rubles) includes:
    – capacity for up to 15 people
    – karaoke
    – personal administrator
    – vapory cocktails




    The menu of our restaurant fully reflects the culinary culture of Latin America.
    At Casa Agave, you can try traditional Latin American dishes: fajitas, quesadilla, seviche and burrito, based on seafood, vegetables, beans and corn. Latin American cuisine is rich in highly-seasoned food and spices: chili, jalapeno and guacamole sauce makes the taste of every dish more intense.

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    The restaurant is divided into several rooms, which smoothly change into each other. In our restaurant there are zones for large and small companies, as well as a VIP zone. In the “Romantic” zone there are tables for two. You can choose a table in the area that suits your mood and the event planned best of all.

    The interior of Casa Agave is made in strict accordance with the traditions of national design. All furniture is ordered and made of materials brought from Latin America. Fabrics, leather, knitted napkins on the tables and ornaments on the walls exactly repeat the Latin American style.